Small Truths

By Eyebags and Melanin I have stayed with myself longer than I have with anyone else. Longer than I have stayed with my good poetry, with my friends. Longer than I have stayed with my many loves and family. But some things have stayed longer than others. They stuck to me. No one warned me […]
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I didn’t know…

By HomoSenegalensis It’s been over a month and my soul still hurts the same. They say it takes time to get over things like this. I had naively hoped that it would get easier after a month. But I didn’t know. I didn’t know the pain would get worse with time. I didn’t know I […]
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By Khanya Jack I’ve never understood the concept of being numb until today. The only constant is the lump in my throat reminding me that against all pretense things are not okay. As I firmly press my mental being to react to my current state of affairs, she looks me deadlocked in the eye and […]
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