This is a piece from our publication called Emergence download it  here. By SapphoOccult 0  Cries ring out, interrupting the humdrum of feet scuttling up and down the corridors. 2 sets of eyes stare down, tears well up within them as hopes and dreams, still in their infancy, manifest themselves within. 1  set look up blank and […]
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By Dee Close She said that love is a choice. I stood there contemplating her words as an uneasy feeling latched onto my conscience, a feeling that, lately, she had begun to fuel.  ‘Loving someone is a choice’. These were the last words that I heard as I purposefully swam away to hide in my […]
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The (Wo)menstrual Cycle

By Mantis I was born female. At 3.46kg I was said to be normal and able to live my life to the fullest. My life was predicted to end after at least 85 glorious years on this earthly plane by the nurse. Simple mathematics was applied to a life said to be normal. My life […]
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