The Sex Problem

By Tatenda There was something about waking up that never quite agreed with her but she did it anyway, it was part of the contract of being human. This morning, like many others, she woke up smelling like somebody else and trying desperately to silence the accusatory voices in her head. Her only challenge was […]
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On being a gender outsider

By Sté The more I grow up, the less I feel… womanly. It can be a bit of a surprise to most of the people who’ve seen the skirt – wearing, nail – polish-ed, glitter-and-all-types-of-sweetness person that I am. Wherever I go, in all the spaces I’ve been in, queer or not, I have always […]
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By Thato Chuma There are women Who have let truth fill their mouths like sunrise Women Who have built homes in broken wombs To mend what is lost They are daughters Of storms Of the burning wind Of a healing they have kept under their skirts Under their tongues These are women Who have danced to […]
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By Germaine ‘TransForming’ is an ongoing series of portraits by Germaine de Larch made in collaboration with trans* and gender non-conforming people, aimed at making visible a very invisible sector of our society and is a reclaiming of public space for a private experience. More of this series can be found at Participants in the […]
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Choosing Friends

By Mfalme I come from a country where being a lesbian could earn one life in prison. My girl friend and I have always been extra careful. We’ve never had the conversation about Public Displays of Affection (PDA) because for us, PDA is not an option. It’s an unwritten rule that we are not allowed […]
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