Hey You

By Nnenna Marcia I knew when I saw you across the lobby that I wanted to taste your pussy. How had I even missed you the whole three-day conference? I must have been a zombie. You shook my hand firmly, said ‘Hello’ in your gorgeous East African accent and I came to life. You held […]
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Private Deejay

By womynpolitiks She loves her electronic turntable. It’s not new but gives her as much pleasure now as when she bought it three years ago. She loves how the lights rise and fall, bright, dim and brighter again, dancing to the rhythm of the beats. All she needs is to hook it up to her […]
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An Aggressive Apology

By Lyricnotic/ @lyricnotic *Trigger warning: sexual violence I looked up at your reflection in the mirror as you walked towards me and stopped a few meters away. I couldn’t help the rage and hurt that was evident in my gaze as our eyes met. You lifted your hand to stroke my shoulder; to rub over […]
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