Private Deejay

By womynpolitiks She loves her electronic turntable. It’s not new but gives her as much pleasure now as when she bought it three years ago. She loves how the lights rise and fall, bright, dim and brighter again, dancing to the rhythm of the beats. All she needs is to hook it up to her […]
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By ‘The Taken’ There’s a draught in the room. Then again everywhere is slightly draughty when all you have on is a robe. You know those cute ones that make you feel adorable and sexual. Like a sexy teddy bear, or…something. My mind isn’t working very well because I am completely overwhelmed by the feeling […]
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An Aggressive Apology

By Lyricnotic/ @lyricnotic *Trigger warning: sexual violence I looked up at your reflection in the mirror as you walked towards me and stopped a few meters away. I couldn’t help the rage and hurt that was evident in my gaze as our eyes met. You lifted your hand to stroke my shoulder; to rub over […]
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By @SistaSeeker It was almost thirty minutes before she realized that she had been lying still for a while. She didn’t know how long. The stillness of the present contradicted the movement of the past so much it felt like time wrapping itself around itself. She stirred. She was not sleeping. She was just still. […]
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Your tongue

By Florence F Khaxas Your tongue likes access to different doors To cages Like identical mountain tops of the Spitzkoppe Your tongue likes Trenches deep in the naked sees, Your tongue loves nature Reaching spots only to be imagined, In this wild jungle we all have ownership Over….individually I love your tongue The wonders it brings […]
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