Duplicity pt. II: The juggle

By Ali D. Collins  Part  I  of Duplicity and the rest of the Duplicity series appears here every Friday. “Alright, Sgt. Michaels buzz me if you need me. Get some rest, okay?” I say to my patient then leave her room. As I close my patient’s door, I see Cindy at the front desk deliberating with another head nurse. Despite […]
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By @SistaSeeker It was almost thirty minutes before she realized that she had been lying still for a while. She didn’t know how long. The stillness of the present contradicted the movement of the past so much it felt like time wrapping itself around itself. She stirred. She was not sleeping. She was just still. […]
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What is a lesbian?

By Kagure Mugo/@tiffmugo ‘What is lesbian now?’ With this phrase you feel the need to begin explaining to your grandmother about ‘queer theory’ and the diffusion of human rights and international instruments that hold states accountable to macro obligations. Problem is these terms and phrases mean nothing to her. You try to tell her about […]
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