Soul Mates

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By Nyar Afrika “I raised you better Mpho! You will not bring a woman into my house!” “But Ma, I love her!” “Bullshit! What do you know about love? Does the Bible say that we should love men or our fellow women? I am ashamed of you! You are a disgrace!” “Ma!” “Quiet Mpho! I […]
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Queer: Irie for the Straight Gyal

By Sibongile Oageng K For most of my Life, Queerness was never a concept I associated with myself. It was always something with which I was familiar, yet comfortably detached. I was an ally, safely fighting from behind the wings but never on the brightly lit stage for everyone to see. This way, I wasn’t personally […]
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Dying moments

By Selaelo ‘Sly’ / @SlyPod I’d be grateful for the day I accepted my attraction to women. I would tell ten year old me that it is OK, girls are human too. That they can be admired and looked at by an enticed eye. I would do this instead of having the long fights I […]
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