Duplicity pt. II: The juggle

By Ali D. Collins  Part  I  of Duplicity and the rest of the Duplicity series appears here every Friday. “Alright, Sgt. Michaels buzz me if you need me. Get some rest, okay?” I say to my patient then leave her room. As I close my patient’s door, I see Cindy at the front desk deliberating with another head nurse. Despite […]
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Revolving Door

By Aisha Ali Haji She looked at her phone as it lit up, slowly inhaling the cigarette in her hand. It was the only light in the dark room. She was sitting at the edge of the bed, her feet hanging on the side. There was an ashtray next to her and every few seconds […]
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Blame it on the name

By Andiswa “Oh my God is that your name?” asked my newacquaintance with a rather dismayed look on her face. Wait a second what happened to the lady I was chatting to just now? The one who was returning the complimentson how good we looked in all the items we kept trying on. “Yes that […]
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