After the End

By Dyke Road/ @dykeroadbaby And after its all over, things start to happen differently. Things happen exactly as you wanted them to before it was over. Never mind packing up and moving out being the official goodbye. Staying in touch is cordial and falling into old habits easier. New behaviours, because maybe the goodbye didn’t […]
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Letter to my ex

By X In a moment of uncertainty, some things can become so clear… I suppose this is when I should stop calling you to bother you with small, meaningless talk. That maybe I should be reading your unspoken words and put it together that what I had thought we were, no longer is. I would have […]
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By Icess Floyd I’m looking to see if I missed something. If I forgot something. I know time is ticking, so before you go I have these words to say because this love that will never go away. Even if you don’t think I’m right for you and we’re not meant to be, this deep […]
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To Her

By Untapped I’ve heard there’s a secret place where you keep your feelings hidden under honey jars to keep them sweet. That if the jars are ripped open, eternal love will over flow from streams in your heart, to water all the dried paths that you fear to walk by. A whisper floated to my […]
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