The Sex Problem

By Tatenda There was something about waking up that never quite agreed with her but she did it anyway, it was part of the contract of being human. This morning, like many others, she woke up smelling like somebody else and trying desperately to silence the accusatory voices in her head. Her only challenge was […]
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By Sibongile Oageng K I was once told I’d never find a man to marry me. Apparently, I am too stubborn and feisty, too proud and opinionated or too loud and liberated. Initially, it didn’t bother me. I was like, “it’s fine, I don’t mind. I’m independent”. But then I started thinking about it and the […]
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Socio-sexual anxiety

By Fayth/ @faythnw “Women in this culture live with sexual fear like an extra skin. Each of us wears it differently depending on our race, class, sexual preference and community, but from birth we have all been taught our lessons well. Sexuality is dangerous. It is frightening, unexplored, and threatening… Many of us become feminists because of […]
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Speak Out About Hiv + AIDS

In sub-Saharan Africa, women constitute 58 percent of all people living with HIV and AIDS. The Truth is if you aren’t infected with HIV/AIDS you are affected by it. HOLAA! is asking you to share your experiences and observations about LGBTQI women and HIV/AIDS in Africa. The rumour amongst Queer Women is that “all this […]
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