She keeps me warm

Love, Poetry, HOLAAfrica
By Atieno Sylvia Fingers interlocked with mine, Heart seemed to breathe out a sigh. I doubt I’d ever been this happy before. Few words spoken, But our hearts beat as one. I turn to look at the one I want to spend a lifetime with. My love. My life. *leave a comment on the post, […]
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HOLAA, ithongomusings, Queer Africa, LGBTI
By Audi / @soniaaudi1 It was always the same story. She would want him as much as he wanted her. She would moan and arch her back as she danced to the rhythm of their foreplay. Heaven… Oh sweet, blissful heaven! If only it would go all the way… As the seconds counted down, fear would […]
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By Dzivaramazwi/ @dzivaramazwi It was way past seven in the evening and The girl was a bundle of irascible nerves as she sat at the edge of the doorstep, her gaze intent on the road that lay beyond the fenced gate. Mhama is never this late, she whispered to herself again and sighed. Sisi Geti, […]
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More on Efunsetan Aniwura

By Cosmic Yoruba/ @cosmicyoruba I know I have written on Efunsetan Aniwura before (where I horribly misspelled her name for which I have been told off *haha*) but once is not enough! The more I learn about this amazing Egba woman, the more I am amazed. I went from not knowing anything about her, to learning that she […]
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