Shades Of Natural

By Joyfrida Anindo

They say I am not natural,

It’s the pink line beneath my lash,

The yellow hue around my eye,

The purple plate on my lip,

Reflecting the sun when I smile.


They say I am not natural,

It’s the kinky curl of my locks,

The frilly flow of my weave,

The straight length of my tresses,

The multicolored dye on my pits.


They say I am not natural,

It’s the straight flow of my dress,

The cut of my shorts above my butt,

The kiss at the knee of my skirt,

The straight pant where the heel can peep.


They say I am not natural,

Why does my face have to be plain,

My hair tied up in knots,

My print dress beneath my knees,

A wrap on my head,

To claim the title of being natural?


They say I am not natural,

But I am just but a different shade of natural.

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