‘Sexy African Visuals’

by Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women & HOLAA!

Over the past few months, ourselves and our friends at Adventures have been working with a talented artist (spoiler: it’s Nana the Adventures curator’s partner) to create an amazing set of illustrations depicting African women’s diverse sexualities. We are so excited to share this with the world, and I for one am super excited that I can stop reusing the same old images that we continuously share on Adventures.

What makes us even more excited about our visual documentation project is because it is just that. We have long realised that there is a lack of powerful images that speak to the spectrum of African women’s sexualities. We want to contribute to changing that. And we want to make these visuals available for other people who also want to portray African women’s sexualities in ways that show us as the women we are, and the women we want to be – women with agency, women who love ourselves, women in control of our sex lives.  Over the next couple of weeks we will share these images with you. We encourage you to use them (Creative license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 applies), share them, and more importantly, use them as prompts to write stories which you can then pitch to Adventures or HOLAA!

When you share use the hashtag #AfriSex so we can all follow the delicious goodness.
Deal? Here’s your first visual prompt below.

Write a story inspired by this image and send it to adventuresfrom[at]gmaildotcom or submissions@holaafrica.org

Posts from the magical women and gender non conforming people around the African continent. To have your voice on the site email submissions@holaafrica.org with your submission, title of piece and name you want to be published under. For inquiries email info@holaafrica.org. All rights remain with original authors.
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