#PleaseHerNamibia: A safe sex and pleasure conversation in Windhoek

We got to have a great time in Namibia doing some mini workshops and one of the things we got to do was hold a safe sex and pleasure dialogue with the help of the Women’s Leadership Centre. It was magical.

We had some fun moments, we had some problematic moments, we had some moments of wisdom. During the time we discussed consent, saying no to partners, taking care of sex toys, the problems with practicing safe sex as a queer woman and also did some theatre games. It was an amazing afternoon with the women who sex women in Namibia and thank you to the Women’s Leadership Center for having us.

Here are some of the tweets we had happening during the time.

Download the whole manual here and the entire workbook here.

We have also been to Botswana and Johburg with #PleaseHer. Also check out when we were taught about kink and safe sex by incredible women in Johburg.

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