You dance on the pendulum of gender.

So effortlessly you rise, shrink and whirl in manifestations that are hard to capture.

I am hooked,

drawn in by you and your –ease.

It sings to me,

Your soul-aura-energy

Your light, ah yes!

And boi is there light, inexcusably bright and full and beaming.


My love you are delicious.

I can taste you wherever I go,

Your slick warmth haunts my mouth.


When move inside of me, my pussy sings,

It’s alchemy baby and in me you create.

I remember how you took me,

That night up north.

We were dizzy on lust. And love. Irie, you know.

Two snakes whirling in the dust we were,

Haunted by a Djin of submission and dominance.

We had to understand empathy, intuition and sensitivity

In our fight for power in pleasure.

Ours meets in the middle,

Limits are tested,

Dialogues are created

Bodies are shaped by sex

Somehow this pendulum thrashes, swings, sways and always meets in the middle

Right where I end and you begin

Right where I begin and you end.

Originally published on: Iam Queen Nzinga

Tatenda Muranda is a Pan-Africanist, a Feminist and a Womanist. She is passionate about human rights and their full realization on the African continent. She is currently a full time scholar and an independent researcher.
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