Oblivious Jin

By Dziva

Jin was holed up in his room with a plastic cup filled with brandy, trying to remember where it was exactly he’d made the decisive move that had lost him his stellar ranking on his newest favourite online game and along with it, half of his hard earned inventory. A series of loud thuds kept on making their way to his thoughts and forcing him to stay grounded in the present. It sounded like a serious fight, ‘someone could get hurt and I’ll have to clean up the mess in the morning’, he thought to himself but did not make any attempt to rise from where he sat. The evening went on and so did the fight, until eventually it all quieted down.


“I’m craving adventure Rapmon” said V, who was just a little bit too drunk and excitable for his own good.

“But we’ve been drinking all night though babe. We should really turn in.”

“What are you, 35? Should I start calling you Ahjussi now?”
“Ha-ha, very funny” said Rapmonster leaning back on the wall and reaching into his pocket for a lollipop. He really liked lollipops, he thought. This is way more than just an image, decided Rapmon. His thoughts moved to the realisation that he really wanted to spend some more time with V, away from the noise and prying eyes, now to convince him…

” We always go hard though, don’t you feel? I was thinking, I don’t know, maybe we just go home early tonight. Watch a couple of dramas, have a good conversation…? Life keeps whizzing by fast with all this clubbing and sheee…”
“Yo, Ahjussi go hard or go home. We are at our prime baby. That means we should be doing something exciting. Like destroying the system, like… like… standing up for something, anything! Don’t leave me hanging, okay?”

“Fine,” replied Rapmonster with a grunt, “let’s destroy the system. But what system are we destroying exactly and how do you propose we do that?”

Just then, as though by divine providence, V spotted a can of spray paint lying derelict against the club’s fire escape.  He grinned at Rapmonster and walked towards the can. Rapmonster watched as V spray painted the display windows of a quaint little shop across the road whilst thinking to himself, “damn, he really looks sexy whenever he’s amped for any kind of revolution.”
“What are you staring at?” asked V sheepishly.
Just as Rapmonster was about to reply, a police vehicle turned into the street and the two made a run for it. Rapmonster and V hadn’t covered much ground before the police caught up with them, pinned them against the vehicle and read them their rights. Pressed against the police vehicle with the full moon glowing on their faces like that, they both realised that they had never felt closer to one another than they did right now, neither had they ever felt each  other’s beauty in the manner they were feeling it now.

This was the ultimate union of their two souls and not even the bonding of their flesh could glue them together in as quite this manner. As Rapmon stared into V’s eyes, their hearts both beat in a secret language which their minds and bodies understood perfectly.
I want you so bad, Rapmon’s eyes flashed. You’ll have me alright, and I you, flashed V’s eyes in reply before the police officers shoved them both into the back of the vehicle.


The birds were singing when J-hope woke up that morning, in his head that is. He smiled to himself remembering all that had happened last night and smiled even deeper when he realised that Jimin’s scent still lingered all over his body. Just then he felt someone’s presence looming over his him, watching him as though the very act was some kind of forgotten intimacy. He opened his eyes tentatively and to his absolute joy, saw Jimin looking down at him with a smile that uttered so much that words alone cannot be trusted to fully convey.
“Slept well?” asked Jimin, an all knowing smile painting a master piece out of his face.
“You know I did, you sneaky bastard” replied J-hope as he reached beside him for the pillow which he subsequently threw at Jimin.
“Last night you were amazing, ” he added before the two of them descended into the throes of their morning pillow fight ritual.


Jin  realised that something very different was going on with his dongsaengs as they all sat by the celebratory fire they had made in honour of their last day of filming. Rapmon was on one side talking secretively with V, while J-hope and Jimin were huddled together on their own patch of grass, equally sharing what looked like an intensely intimate moment. The fight between Suga and Jungkook kept coming to his mind and of course there was that ‘thing’ V had done earlier whilst they were eating at the American take out place.

It was all very weird but he didn’t exactly know what it was.

What he was certain of however was that whatever it was, it would certainly affect the group’s public image and him being the hyung and all, he had to make sure that everyone stuck to their assigned roles wherever the public eye might see them.

And so he cleared his throat and told his dongsaengs what he had been mulling over. As he looked around and saw the different expressions on their faces, he suddenly realised what he had been missing all along. They were in love, his dongsaengs were all in love with each other.

“Woah!” he exclaimed to himself.
“How did this happen?”
Suddenly everything started to make sense, all the little pieces fell into place and painted for him an elaborate tale of all that had been going on. He remembered how a couple of weeks back when they had gone out to the same american takeout they usually frequented, Suga had bought a drink for Rapmon and offered it to him. Rapmon had refused, though honestly Jin thought he’d looked much too offended than the occasion warranted. And that very same night he’d heard Suga and Jungkook fighting in the room adjacent to his.

“So that’s what was going on?” thought Jin loudly.
“What was going on hyung?” asked Rapmon Jin looked thoughtfully at each one of their faces and then spoke.
“Why didn’t you tell me about this?”
“About what?” they all chorused before realising what it is he was referring to.
“To be fair, it was pretty obvious but since you’re always oblivious to the world around you…”
“I am not!”
The rest of the group chuckled and nodded in assent to what Suga had said and Jin looked out to the distance with a pained look, wondering if it were really true, him being oblivious and all. He shrugged and turned to them once more with his infamous ‘jin princess’ smile pulling at the ends of his mouth and said, ” okay, fine, let’s say I am. Now tell me all that’s been going on between you kids?”

The bangtan boys all laughed as each one thought back to the very beginning and retraced every single step that had led them to this point and unearthed the greatest love they’d each yet known.  And as each couple recited their own story, all misunderstandings were sorted, wounds healed and the realisation of what it is they had managed to find in each other grew as fierce and loud as each one of their heartbeats, desperately thudding for life’s sake.

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