Listen: The Wildness Ep 11: The One Where Sibu and Botho are kinda hot (but won’t be in a three way)

The Wildness with Tiff and Manda, podcast

How did the convo go from masturbation to having threesomes? Why wont Botho and Sibu be in a group event? How do you just FALL into a threesome? Why is Tiff trying to watch people have sex?

Also Manda flashes us in the studio.

Conferencing is also a mess. A whole mess.

The Wild Ones sat down with Botho Maruatona and Sibu Malunga.

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

Follow Botho on IG: bkmaruatona  and Sibu on IG: sibusiso_malunga

Here are some links to check out about how to have a thressome properly

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A podcast by two African Girls just trying to get through life. This podcast tackles everything from keeping the sex spicy to keeping your job, from monogamy to Mondays, from giving head to giving a damn about politics. The podcast is about any thoughts you can have about life and living over a good glass of wine. Check out the Sound cloud channel: HOLAAfrica
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