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Listen HOLAA in A Hot Spot: Poly lifestyle choices, learning new skills in bed and scary sex - HOLAAfrica!

Listen HOLAA in A Hot Spot: Poly lifestyle choices, learning new skills in bed and scary sex

‘HOLAA in a Hot Spot. Answering all your burning questions so life doesn’t show you flames.’ To submit your question click here.

Should you hide you poly lifestyle from my new squeeze? What do you do if your partner knows new things in bed without learning them with you? What do I do when my girlfriend sexually hurts me?

Fear not because The Wild Ones are here to help by  tackling these questions on this episode of The Wildness,  answering your burning questions so life doesn’t show you flames.

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

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Hello Hot Spot person,

I recently met a woman who I like but I do not think she will be open to my poly lifestyle. I want to bring it up to her but I think she won’t appreciate it, or appreciate that I already have a girlfriend. Should I just keep it under wraps or should I chance telling her and lose her?

Low key poly, South Africa


Dear HOLAA in a Hot Spot sexpert,

My partner tried something new in bed and I am wondering where she learned it because I do not remember us learning that together. She also was very good at it so where did she practice? Is she cheating on me?

Confused about her skills, Botswana


Hey HOLAA in a Hot spot,

Sex with my girlfriend is scaring me. Every time we have sex either I do not enjoy it or do not want it at all. What makes it very scary is when she doesn’t listen to me saying no and carries on anyway then asks me if I enjoyed it. It’s getting to a point where I am afraid when she touches me, even none sexually. How do I tell her she’s hurting me?

Scared sexually, Nigeria

A podcast by two African Girls just trying to get through life. This podcast tackles everything from keeping the sex spicy to keeping your job, from monogamy to Mondays, from giving head to giving a damn about politics. The podcast is about any thoughts you can have about life and living over a good glass of wine. Check out the Sound cloud channel: HOLAAfrica
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