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What do you do when cheat on every woman I date with a man even though I hate the sex? Or you have now caught feelings for the married older woman you were having an affair with?  And what do you do if you have a crush on your (potentially straight) roomate?

Fear not because The Wild Ones are here to help by  tackling these questions on this episode of The Wildness,  answering your burning questions so life doesnt show you flames.

A podcast by two queer African girls trying to get through life.

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HOLAA in a Hot Spot,

I have a confusing confession, I cheat on every woman I date with a man even though I hate the sex. I do not want to have penis inside me but I cheat on EVERY single woman. Why do I do this? What is it that makes me keep going back and how do I fix it?

Please help me understand this,

Confused Lesbian


Hello HOLAA in a Hot Spot,

I am a 23 year old woman living in Accra. I have been having sexual relations with much older woman for the last 6 months and, even though it started as a secret fun thing to do (she has a husband living abroad) I think I now have feelings for her. I have tried to initiate more time with her but outside of the sex she does not seem to want to hang out.

How do I ask what we are without scaring her off or messing up the sex?

Young and fallen in Love


Dear HOLAA Hotspot people,

I am crushing on my roommate. I am so attracted to her, like I can’t even deal with her boobs, they are killing me. She is giving a little of the green light but should I make advances first? Should I wait or make a move?

Living in confusion

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