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Isilumo silumile - HOLAAfrica!

Isilumo silumile

By Christie FossilSoul van Zyl


A length or portion of time.
 Belonging to, or characteristic of, a past historical time, esp. in style or design: “period furniture”.
Synonym     time – term – epoch – age – era – season – date – cycle pain/pān/

Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.
Cause mental or physical pain to: “it pains me to say this”.
Synonyms: noun.  ache – grief – misery – suffering – affliction – anguishverb.  hurt – ache – grieve – ail – afflict – distress – smart

Lenyanga ngisiyekile isilumo saluma…

Ngizwe manginyakaza ubuhlungu kwiqolo lami, ngakhumbula

uMama wami engibelethile khona ezoqhubeka nokusebenza ukuze ezongifunza…

Ngizwe mangichama kushisa,

ngizwe kudonseka isinye sami,

ngasho ngizwa umaDlamini engzala madoda…

Lenyanga isilumo ngisiyekile saluma,

ngiwuyekile umjovo owenza ngingezwa ukuthi ngyamentsa…

Ngvuke ngahlala ngacabanga ukuthi nami besengithengekile

ekufihleni udaba lomumentso,

kanti yini lena embi kangaka ngokumentsa,

yini  lena enyanyekayo ngokumentsa kangaka…

Ngiwumumtu wesifazane

ngiyaziqhenya ngokuba yisimame,

ngiyabukisa ngamandla ami,

amandla embokodwe.

Lenyanga ngisiyekile isilumo sami saluma…

Ngiliyekile igazi lami lagijima njengomfula ophitiziswa impilo…

Ngiwayekile amaTAMPONS, ngoba kushukuthi nami igazi lami engazalelwa kulo,

engyozalela kulo, engiphila ngalo…

kushukuthi nami sengafunda ukulivimba…

Umhlaba uyasomisa, usufundisa qala ngokuzomisa ; abantu basitshele ukuthi ukopha

kuyanyanyisa, ukuthi akuhlanzekile…

Awungtshela muntu womhlaba uyolomisa kanjani igazi elikuphilisayo…

This month I let my period pain…

I took a moment to embrace my blood running like a raging river…

Fearless and embodying of the epitome of life.

I watched the men we call our lovers sneer

as I described the pain of the journey of my blood clots leaving my body,

as I spoke of my natural physical evolution…

The man sneered… the very same man with a wife, a child,

sisters that he coached through womanhood…

and then the infamous ‘makhwapheni’.

This man, He sneered in disgust.

The very man who caresses my bosom, kisses my thighs,

and then licks me clean, coz what comes out of me tastes o so good….

He can enjoy my body in the height of multiple climactic positions….

BUT when I share my pain of being torn apart and violated,

he steps back as if to never have embraced my curves…

He steps back, calls me a whore,

but still brags about ‘tappin dat ass’!!

He can embrace my temperature influx and my adrenalin rushing blood flow,

when he heightens my libido…

But alas when the blood gushes from my loins, the very loins he gains pleasure from;

the very loins he uses to touch my soul & tell me he loves me…

The ticking clock of my blood flow,

becomes too loud for him…

My brother, boyfriend, father and lover…

I ask you to bleed with me…

Embrace the infinite wisdom of the universe purely traced along

the lining of my loins…

Be one with me, my pain, my blood & the essence of life…

Be one with me in my pain,

just as you morph into one with me through the pleasure…

Embrace my radiance of re-birth of life;

as you do when you embrace my radiance of orgasmic flight.

Isilumo sami silumile lenyanga,

ubufasane ngabukhotha ngentliziyo yami;

njengoba nawe ungikhotha ngolwimi lwakho,

bukhothe ubufazane bami ngophefumulo wakho wonke.


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    6th Dec 2012 - 2:31 pm

    Isilumo silumile…as it is.

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    8th Dec 2012 - 4:55 pm

    what a great poem, it nibbles on my naivity

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