HOLAA Loves: Pride 2013 (Cape Town)

Pride 2013 was, as ever, a beautiful scene of colours, music, dancing, marching and of course topless white men. This year’s Pride theme was Stand Up and be Counted and there were so many beautiful people (see: women) out there to celebrate pride.  It was good to see something other than the usual assless chaps and washboard abs with organisations such as Triangle Project, Free Gender and PASSOP bringing continued awareness and an air of advocacy to pride.


What was interesting however was the continue segregation between the races with the march bringing everyone together but the Pride after event seeing everyone go their separate ways. The official pride after event was a sectioned off affair with all of the ‘Pink Strip’ hosting some rainbow-licious parties…and all the white people. Black people who attended pride sat on the other side of the road. Whether in protest of the ‘white pride’ going on across the road or as just another alternative, HOLAA! does not know. All we know is the segregation was clear, the Pink Dollar had spoken and across the road was the official pride dominated by a sea of white and on the outskirts, in the road sat black people, drinking liquor and waiting for ‘their space’ to open.

Check out more photos on ithongomusings.tumblr.com
Check out more photos on ithongomusings.tumblr.com

More power to any pride that happens on the continent. Its a chance to celebrate but also show case the issues that plague the LGBTI community within the African context!

Aluta Continua!

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    5th March 2013 - 5:13 pm

    As one of the organizers of pride, i find this story of segregation just off the mark. several NGOs where give comps as entry to the after party venue almost 600 +,… a request was sent out to all NGO’s especially those involved in the town ships, all they did need to do was to organise to get here.
    We have had several years where some have requested we foot the bill for transport which we have!
    ,..As for the gate that how Cape Town pride makes its income and that’s how we manage to keep going on year after year.
    a choice by a few to sit on that side of the road ,is a choice just as it was a choice of many to go in and be part of the space we so battled desperately for the city to approve. (Final meetings were held on Thursday and there as a beautiful racial mix).
    By law especially new bylaws we had to spend allot more on security and infrastructure as per head count.
    That a few chose to do what they did as I say it’s there choice, but in hindsight had anything happened to anyone outside our fences it would have reflected badly on the gay community in general, not black or white!
    A time we need to think about our utterances as I learnt at the seminar in langa, we are all individuals who form a community,i love my washboard abs,i am a am first who happens to be gay who happens to be black,…before anything else. Let’s stop for the sake of trying to make one cause more important than the other start bringing each other down.
    The issue here as highlighted in that seminar,a pride partner event shows the issues are those of the larger south africa than just the gay community.
    Don’t you think if we came together and worked together the larger community would take a leaf from us? If you have been marginalised all your life, suffered homophobia all your life (pink, black, white, red or yellow), it’s the same across the board. If we can surmount those differences! Differences in Trans, lesbian, homosexual etc we have taken the first step.
    We cannot all be the same nor have the same amounts of money, how boring would life be!
    So there was no segregation on the part of Cape Town pride,some just chose not to cross the road and make peace with the reality that we are all gay people and that was our celebration.It was barely a choice just as it was a choice for many to come in their skimpy clothes,feathers,jeans ,t shirts,leather,kilts etc etc. lets not impose on our selfs what the larger world and religion has tried to impose on us,lest we become exactly like them!

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