HOLAA Loves: Kenya Golden Cam Girl

What is the cam girl industry? Tell us more about what you do

Kenya Golden: Webcam modeling is basically virtual sex work. From the comfort of my own place, I am able to cater to sexual fantasies and fetishes that include everything from solo masturbation to balloon popping. My sexual services are delivered through live streaming in front of my webcam or by selling pre-recorded and custom content.

How do you feel about the industry in general?

KG: The webcam model business is exciting especially if you live a mundane life like me. You’re able to immerse yourself in a world full of eroticism, imagination, and fantasies with strangers you will never have to physically interact with. I feel like this field of the adult industry gives women more empowerment than other fields like prostitution or porn. Unless you work with a studio you can represent yourself in any light you see fit. I also like that webcam modeling is not just ‘vanilla’ sex. There are so many fetishes and kinks to be catered to in this line of work.

We noticed that ‘ebony women’ are never portrayed as having sensual sex, is this the case within your industry or something we have made up? We have often found the sex is ‘rougher and rawer’ compared to caucasian counterparts.

KG: I feel like rough sex in general has become very popular in porn as well as the webcam modeling world. Even in hip hop you have rappers saying how they will drill, smash, beat, murder, or pound the pussy. I rant a lot about how customers pay for a private show and demand that I masturbate HARDER and FASTER. It’s very disheartening when men do that because it makes me feel like I’m a sex robot on the screen and not an actual human. I almost feel like this it’s a result of our prevalent rape culture (mollis). There’s nothing wrong with rough sex at all but I don’t see much sensual sex anymore. I believe the sentiment of hardcore sex affects women in general. I don’t think it’s ‘rougher’ for black women (for black girls).

Do you feel pressure to conform to certain preconceived ideas about what black women do and how they should perform eroticism?

KG: Not at all. I am so grateful that this job gives authority over my image and how I am perceived sexually. The good thing about being a black webcam model is that you can choose how you develop your brand and you don’t have to stick to it. I started webcam modeling solely as a masturbator. As I started to research more about the industry, I discovered female domination. Prior to this discovery, I was not well versed in the BDSM community. I thought that it was amazing that black women could actually take on the role of being dominant and get paid for it. So I’ve found myself flowing easily between female dominate fetish work and ‘vanilla’ sex work.  

What is it about clips and cam girls that resonates so well with people?

KG: For most cam girl fans/customers/supporters, I feel like they want something personal. They can go masturbate to tons of free porn on the internet, but I think it would be safe to say they are looking for something more intimate. Although a webcam model is on the computer screen and not in their room, she’s real. She interacts with them. She pays attention to them. She fulfills fantasies that their girlfriend or wife wouldn’t dream of doing. She is available for the lonely men also. Sure there are TONS of beautiful women they can look at on the web but after the look draws them in what naturally keeps them is the personality. Personally I feel like I give a “girlfriend experience” to some of my clients because I don’t mind holding a nice conversation with them. As a customer I will provide virtual pillow talk if you’re into that. I believe that regular clientele will continue their business with a webcam model if they enjoy them more than sexually.

What is the funniest/ most awkward thing that you have experienced on the job?

KG: Once I had a customer who has a dust fetish. He told me this fetish developed when he had a crush on a girl in grade school who had to clap the chalkboard erasers in class. Anyway, we had a private show that involved me pouring a whole bottle of baby powder on a pillow and smacking really fast so that it creates a big white cloud of baby powder. Afterwards my room smelled like baby powder for an hour. It was really fun.

You say you’ve got love for strippers but you would never strip, what is it about the online space that makes you feel more comfortable?

KG: Naturally, I’m a reserved person. I’ve had stage fright since I was in elementary school forced to participate in school dramas. That hasn’t left me. I still get nervous in front of a big crowd. By being a webcam model I’m able to explore my exhibitionist side without the physical crowd invading my space. I applaud strippers though. One day I will make it rain on a deserving dancer.

How do you get your clientele? Give us insight into the ‘business woman’ side of this?

KG: This job is not as easy as it seems especially if you want to make real money. Before I get in front of the webcam I have to handle “behind the scenes” work. Promotion is a big factor if you want to build a cam girl brand. Updating my Twitter is very important because it lets my supporters know what’s new, when I will broadcast live on webcam, and connecting with them on a non-sexual level is always good. I also run my blog which also includes updates and how to purchase my pre-recorded content. Speaking of recording, I vowed to never record videos when I first started. I preferred to just broadcast live. However, I discovered that selling solo content could bring in extra income in addition to live broadcasting. Recording content is very time consuming in itself. I’m my own star, camerawoman, and editor. I spend most of my time in front of my computer working whether it’s recording, editing videos, promoting, live broadcasting, or answering emails. All of this work will eventually bring me clientele. During live broadcasting, I sit pretty in what is called “free chat” until a customer sweeps me away to a paid private show.


After I record my content I place it on websites that feature amateur porn videos that can be sold. On those sites customers can also contact you through email for customs videos which are more expensive than pre-recorded content.

Do you think your race affects your career? 

KG: People do not want to admit it, but there is racism in the adult industry. Interracial porn has not erased that like some would like to think. Race affects every corner of the adult industry and webcam modeling is not exempt from that. There are several camsites that feature models who are available for private cam shows. If you go to ANY of these sites you will be bombarded with a sea of white women on the front page.

Why?  Because white women are viewed as the standard beauty around the world due to white supremacy.

This is a broad view but it does affect the webcam modeling industry. Of course there are top black models in the industry but they are few, and far between. When I bring this issue up in webcam model forums and on social media networks my opinion gets dismissed and I get blamed for “pulling the race card.” I get told that I’m making excuses and that maybe the black women who are not top models are not working hard enough or they’re not promoting enough. Those could very well be factors in their progression and success, but there is no denying that black women in general have to work harder than white women to achieve high levels of success. Being subcategorized as “ebony” in this industry puts black women at a disadvantage because instead of being at the forefront, we’re on the back pages waiting for men who see us as a fetish to sweep us away for a private show. So I do feel like race affects my occupation because I will always be one step behind of the majority no matter how hard I work.

Do you have a particular client profile or do you cater to a range of people?

KG: My clientele varies greatly. Most of my clients are into your standard sexual activities. They like to see me masturbate, strip, and twerk. Then I have my fetish men. I have a loyal balloon fetish customer who loves to see me pop balloons in tiny thongs. I also have been working heavily in the giantess community. This fetish, also known as macrophilia, is basically when a man fantasizes about female giants. Surprisingly I’ve become quite popular with macrophiles. I’ve been told that not many black women partake in this fetish. I enjoy the dominate aspect of this fetish because it’s very empowering for me.

Does it make you feel sexy? Do you enjoy your work?

KG: Being a webcam model has improved my confidence and has made me feel sexier than I have ever felt. I still have my insecurities but nothing is sexier than having control of my image while showing it off and getting paid. For the most part yes I do enjoy my work. I enjoy the sense of freedom that it brings. I used to dread waking up every morning to clock in to a job (on being a professional homo) that I despised just to get a pay check. Webcam modeling hasn’t been a cake walk but at this moment in my life it suits my lifestyle.

Check out her site: Kenyagolden.com

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