HOLAA Loves: Healing Space Workshop with 1 in 9

Self care and healing is important.

As one member of the 1 in 9 campaign said: ‘ Womxn spend their lives taking care of everyone around them and never themselves… 11 years of taking care of others and we forgot to take care of ourselves in the process.’

She said that ‘as we break and burn out ‘ the begun the process of healing and regrouping and that’s where we came in. We held a workshop with 1 in 9 Campaign on self care and emotional healing because it has been a long year. The campaign has worked hard, been through the trenches and has lost some important people. The work they do takes a toll, as it does with many activists so we held this space to teach about taking care of emotional and mental health. About making space for yourself because you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Thank you to 1 in 9 for allowing us in.
We also held one with Iranti Org.
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