HOLAA in A Hot Spot: What is it? Let us explain.

HOLAA in a Hot Spot answering all your burning questions so life doesn’t show you flames.

That is the tag line for this vibe. This is the in house HOLAA advice column where we get our family of HOLAArites to answer your questions on a podcast, our videos and also right here on the site. With the help of some wise people we answer all your questions about anything: from love, to family, to work, to general questions about sex.

Every Tuesday we publish a tit bit of advice from the site in those three ways so come and check it out under the HOLAA in a Hot Spot

To submit your question to HOLAA in a Hot Spot click here.

Telling your own story is important. To submit to HOLAA and have your voice on the site email submissions@holaafrica.org. To reach out to us and get more information please email info@holaafrica.org. This is the stuff produced within the HOLAA! camp.
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