HOLAA chats to @AdlibAnarchis- Our workshop expert, about safe sex and pleasure (Storify)

HOLAA!, thanks to love thrown from FRIDA and The Other Foundation is doing a safe sex and pleasure series focusing on women and more specifically African queer women. We have had dialogues, we have done research for our manual (yes there is a manual) and now we are holding our first workshop. This workshop will look at safe sex between two women, pleasure, taking care of and using sex toys to even kink and BDSM.

Because we feel that sharing is caring and so we took the convo to the Twitter streets. We chatted to Abigail Phiri on safe sex and pleasure.

Check out our second conversation with our kink guru Tshegofatso Sennehere here and here is the storify of the entire event tweets and all.

We also have the entire manual you can download here.

Telling your own story is important. To submit to HOLAA and have your voice on the site email submissions@holaafrica.org. To reach out to us and get more information please email info@holaafrica.org. This is the stuff produced within the HOLAA! camp.
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