Listen: #ForBlackGirlsOnly, and the glorious uneasiness of sisterhood (Podcast)

Sometimes we think hearing someone read things is awesome, so we asked someone to read this post in their beautiful beautiful voice. We like things raw we like things uncut.

‘It’s simple, black, and fits me snugly – like a hug from an old friend, one you haven’t seen in quite some time. Across the front, in large, bold white letters is a phrase, powerful in its simplicity and maybe a little cheeky. Audacious, even:

“Black, Queer, and unapologetic.”

There is also the piece in written form.

Posts from the magical women and gender non conforming people around the African continent. To have your voice on the site email with your submission, title of piece and name you want to be published under. For inquiries email All rights remain with original authors.
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