Duplicity pt. V: The pick up

By Ali D. Collins 

“Code gray!” I hear from the front desk. Rushing to the room that needs of assistance, I notice there is a patient resisting care. Cindy tries to hold the patient down along with three other nurses.  Eager to help, I ask my head nurse for instructions. “What do you need me to do, Nurse Wilks?”

“Hold her arm as I inject her,” Cindy directs, pinning one of the patient’s arms down.

I move quickly to her side and help my boss hold down the irate patient whilst Cindy her gives an intramuscular injection.

“Thank you, ladies,” Cindy says us.

I smile at Cindy, but she doesn’t smile back. She washes her hands then leaves the room, nit engaging me any further.  In the past week, I counted my blessings because I’m still employed. As my boss, Cindy can fire me, report me and even give me a hell of a lot of duties so I would quit. Instead, she has been very professional.

Going to work every day and seeing her makes my heart ache, but it hurts more thinking about my wife.

No more pranks being pulled around the house;

No more cuddling while watching movies;

No more prepared dinners with a hot bath when I come home;

No more kisses on my collarbone.

In the past week, I’ve had nothing but time to think about my foolishness. I am ready to let go of Cindy; she deserves better. After my shift, I drive to my old home (I still live in a hotel) and pray LaToya will answer the door.

I knock three times, but there is no answer. I wait then knock three more times, but there is no sign of Toy. Instead of giving up, I wait a couple of moments then knock once more. Suddenly, I see lights in our foyer turn on.

“What do you want Zoey?!” Toy yells from the other side of the door.

“Toy, I know I’ve messed things up for us…”

“Only for you, Zoey. I’m not bothered,” Toy says calmly.

I lay my head against the door along with my hand, “You deserve someone better”

After a moment of silence, Toy answers the door. “You know what, Zoey, you’re sooo right,” Toy crosses her arms and taps her index finger upon her full lips. “I should just fuck someone at my school. You know, I should fuck them so good they would want me to leave you and be with them.” She gasps with animation, places her hands on her hips with a facetious smile., “No…how about someone on the Education Board, so I can get extra pay…”

I cut Toy off, “Okay, Toy I understand your frustration,”

“No, FUCK YOU, ZOEY! You have the audacity to come on my doorsteps to play the victim. No mothafucka, you don’t understand. Do you know how long I’ve dealt with your shit? We have been married for five long years and you throw it away to some pussy at your job…remind you…your fuckin’ boss!”

Quickly, I grow tired of her nagging, “You think I wanted to cheat on you? I love you, but you’re not so peachy, Toy.” LaToya looks at me with an expression of ‘I dare you to say something stupid.’

“When I need someone to talk to about my day, you tune me out or disregard me and start talking about a business…which is a fuckin’ pipe dream!”

Toy walks away from the door as I continue to vent about the ways she was not good of a wife she has been to me. She reappears with an envelope and hands it to me.

“What is this?” I look confused. I open the envelope and see a check written out to her for $50,000. I continue to look at her business loan with shock.

“Yeah, some pipe dream. Get the fuck off my porch,” Toy snatches the check back and closes the door on my face.

I stand at the door as I continue to remain in shock. LaToya opens the door once again, “Oh yeah, you’ll be hearing from my divorce lawyer,” She closes the door again as I hear her say, “Bitch.”

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    27th May 2016 - 4:21 pm

    hahahaha,daaaamn she got served at the end,haha…daamn! that was a captivating read, bravo!!

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      27th May 2016 - 5:23 pm

      Glad you liked it! It really is one of those things where its like BOOM! That just happened!

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