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Duplicity pt. II: The juggle

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On May 6, 2016

By Ali D. Collins 

Part  I  of Duplicity and the rest of the Duplicity series appears here every Friday.

“Alright, Sgt. Michaels buzz me if you need me. Get some rest, okay?” I say to my patient then leave her room.

As I close my patient’s door, I see Cindy at the front desk deliberating with another head nurse. Despite the desire to walk over to her and apologize for the lack of contact over the past two days, I know right now isn’t the right time.  I place Mr. Smith’s chart on his door as Cindy’s eyes lock on me. I smile at her, but she does not smile back; in fact she looks rather annoyed.

Cindy knows I have a ‘bad habit’ of not talking to her for days at a time during my off days; I’ve been doing it since day one. The reality is that there is no outside of this space because that time goes to my wife.

If Cindy wants to see me outside of the hospital, it has to be before or after work. On occasion, I would lie to Toy that I am having a ladies’ night and hang with Cindy for a few hours, but never spend the night. I make sure to always leave in the middle of the night in order to return home to Toy.

Cindy walks pass me as if I am a stranger, and I go after her to get back in her good graces.

I love her, but she doesn’t know it.

“Cindy, hey,” I call discretely while catching up to her then walking beside her.

“Good morning, Nurse Zo. Do you have another bullshit excuse as to why you have ignored me for two days?” Cindy continues to walk fast without even glancing at me.

“You know I like my space, Cindy.”

She stops walking and sigh, “Zo, I can’t do this anymore, you are the most selfish and distant person I have ever met in my entire life. We’ve been dating for almost a year, Zo…a yea,”

I try to keep up with Cindy as she continues to walk fast, “I know I may seem difficult at times…” looking at her, I realize that one day she is going to grow tired of my games; today is the day. The moment of truth looms before me and I can either let her walk out of my life as me lover or do whatever to keep her.

I’m going to keep her.

Cindy is special. She is ambitious, fun and charismatic. Cindy is everything that my wife wishes she could be. “Cindy, I can’t let you go and I will do whatever I have to to keep you,” I beg.

Cindy facetiously chuckles as she pulls a chart from a patient’s door, “If I had a dime…”

I grab her by the hand and quickly lead her to an empty room. Closing the door quietly, I shove her against the wall then get on my knees to pull down her green scrub pants and gray boy shorts style panties. I look up at her with love and repentance in my almond brown eyes.

Cindy doesn’t fight as I extend my thick wet tongue in between her pussy lips. I dip into her flower bud as the aroma of coconut oil invites me. The tip of my tongue massages her pussy hole that releases an abundance of her saccharinity nectar.

“I hate you so much,” Cindy moans as her head leans against the wall. She removes the pants around her ankles and rests her legs on my shoulder.

Flattening my tongue, maneuvering it back and forth on her pussy, Cindy’s angry curses turn into the sweetest moans of forgiveness. Squeezing her ass as I suck on her swollen clit, Cindy’s hands go into my hair with passion.

“I’m so in love with you,” I moan then return to her forbidden fruit. I slide two fingers inside her slowly. Cindy gasps from the anticipation as I dive inside. This is my second home. It provides love, warmth, and softness. The right thing to do is let her end our relationship without knowing about my secret married life but, I need Cindy.

What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

After our lingua makeup session, Cindy forgives me.


After my shift ends, I try to beat Toy home so I can take a shower and brush my teeth.

…but that doesn’t happen.

I forget she is home all week due to being on spring break. As I walk into the house, Toy is sitting on the couch grading her students’ papers. “Hey, Mrs. Keys,” she greets from the couch.

“Hello, Mrs. Keys aka my beautiful wife,” I avoid going into the living room where Toy reside, I smoothly attempt to make my way to the stairs.

As I go upstairs, Toy lifts her head, “You’re not going to give me my daily kiss. Come here, girl gives me those sexy lips,” She takes off her glasses then pucker her full lips.

“I need to go to the bathroom, baby. I’ve been holding it since I left work,” I rush up the stairs as if I can’t hold my bladder. Once I get into the bathroom, I take my shower quickly and brush my teeth again because I can still smell the aroma of Cindy’s nectar.

“Have room for one more?” Toy surprisingly ask while entering the shower along with me.

“Of course, baby,” I smile and kiss her naked back. As I turn around, she kisses my neck and softly bite it. Chills accumulate down my back as the hot water follows. My mind once again travels to Cindy as Toy initiates sex. I know my wife wants me sexually and I never want her to be unsatisfied.

I use my pent up sexual tension on Toy, imagining she is Cindy. “Hmmm, take me, baby,” I moan as my body welcomes my wife’s warmth.

Toy massages my pussy with her index finger in a circular motion as I close my eyes and melt into the moment while my desires quench its thirst. After we exit the shower, I sit on the counter and spread my legs then draw Toy closer to me.

She gets down on her knees to give me oral pleasure after putting her hair into a bun. Curling her tongue upon my pearl, I immensely sink into the intense pleasure. My eyes roll back. Toy enters inside my world with her fingers aggressively, thrusting her fingers in and out of my wet pussy as I grunt, “SHIT, BABY, Hmmm, right there,”

I lose control as my wet legs quiver, “Uhhh…uh, Cindy…shiiiit.”

Oh no.

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