Listen: Cheek Natives Reviews: I know how to fix myself by Ashley Makue

‘Your uncle is a hatchet/i buried in my crotch on purpose’ – Ashley Makue

Ntozake Shenge said ‘ being black, and woman and alive is a metaphysical dilemma I haven’t conquered yet.’ And this episode of the Cheeky Natives featuring Ashley Makue was just that. the unravelling of the metaphysical dilemma of black queer womxnhood in its full spectrum.

From being CPS National Slam to performing at the Women of the World Poetry Slam, Ashley is a prodigious force. One worth the Cheeky Natives pilgrimage to the Republic of the Western Cape to record this episode with the published author of ‘i know how to fix myself.’

This podcast is a meditation on culture, womxnhood and poetry filled with equal parts with joy and introspection.

For litertature things check out this post on queer women literature you should check out and a review of Queer Africa II. And this piece where you can read about and download the Inward Gaze: and anthology of queer art.  


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