HOLAA Loves: Free Space/#PleaseHer dialogue – Creation of a space to speak sex with Mbongomuffin and Iranti Org

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We recently partnered with the amazing Mbongomuffin to host a space for Iranti Org, in Johannesburg entitled “Queer” Safe Sex – ”It’s time for women* to talk about SEX” Iranti sought to create ‘A day about politics and the womxn’s body and its intersection with sexual health. The women’s* body is a politic that has evolved […]
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HOLAA! Activities and Projects

Below are a list of our grants, activities and publications:  ‘#PleaseHer with #SexySafety’ Safe sex and pleasure workshop with a safe sex expert and a kink expert: These formed part of a safe sex and pleasure series as the flagship activity. The workshop gave women gathered knowledge on safe sex and pleasure between Women Who […]
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HOLAA Loves: Talking sex with African parents with Mbongomuffin and Black Women Be Like (Podcast)

Have you ever tried to have that conversation with your parents. About squishy bits, orgasms, wetness, love making, bumping uglies, that sexy time? Was it successful? Probably not and if it was congratulations to YOU! In this podcast we break down the experiences of speaking about sex with African parents and why sometimes, it just […]
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