Je ne savais pas…

HOLAA, African sexualities, LGBTI, coming out,
par HomoSenegalensis Cela fait maintenant plus d’un mois et la douleur est toujours aussi profonde. On dit que ces choses prennent du temps. Je m’étais naïvement dit que les choses deviendraient un peu plus faciles après un mois. Mais je ne savais pas. Je ne savais pas que la douleur s’empirerait avec le temps. Je […]
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I didn’t know…

By HomoSenegalensis It’s been over a month and my soul still hurts the same. They say it takes time to get over things like this. I had naively hoped that it would get easier after a month. But I didn’t know. I didn’t know the pain would get worse with time. I didn’t know I […]
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HOLAAfrica, African LGBTI, Queer Women, Love, Erotica
By Kare Kibaara I will see her tonight. She will be in a long skirt. As she comes my way, my knees will start knocking against each other and my palms will sweat rives. My forehead will be hotter than a flame but colder than ice to the touch. But not for long because one […]
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HOLAA Loves: Eating that ass like groceries- Chatting about dining below the belt with Black Women Be Like and Guest (Podcast)

What to do when you partner does not give head back? Should you keep some wet wipes by the bed? What are some good tips and tricks for giving head? Why does someone keep mentioning the finger in the butt? Check this podcast out to find out the answer to these and other random questions […]
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