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By Joyfrida Anindo As the day draws to an end, I feel the air become dense, The dark brings with it shadows on my walls, Sometimes they change shapes, Sometimes they speak to me, I have learned to block their whispers out, But sometimes I get curious, Especially when my day was grey, I must […]
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Nyelethi (short story)

*Trigger warning: abelist language by NYAR Afrika “Are you okay?” I ask her as I gently kiss her neck. “mmh” she mumbles, her mind seemingly far away. “You are thinking of your husband again.” She goes unnaturally still in my arms. “No” she blatantly lies. “I am thinking about us.” That surprises me. She never […]
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Dry Weeping

This is a piece from our publication called Emergence download it  here. By Chantelle Gray van Heerden I am smoking, half-running to make the bus, when I first see her. I think for a moment she is moving towards the window but, when I stop, she is a mannequin like any other. Except for that […]
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