Turquoise Effect

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By Katleho She lay sprawled across their bed; her smooth shaven legs competing with the silk sheets as the dim light hit them both at a favourable angle. She’d already positioned her hand in the corner where most of the silk had gathered and premeditated how she was going to strangle that bundle to try […]
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Half Truths

By Haki …Fear She is afraid of being judged. She wants to confront the riots of feeling taking place within her. She wants to un-wall her heart and set free the betrayal and disgust she felt.  She is a puddle of a person now. Still, she floats in her fear by the grace of the […]
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By Cisi Eze I C E, Nigeria “MAY I KISS YOU?” She rushed those words out in one breath. She was shy. Smoking a wrap of weed had not emboldened her. As though her shyness were contagious, you blushed and tore your gaze away. “Aww, shit,” you whispered as you ran your fingers through your […]
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