“We do not want her kind here” – Finding queer belonging in a Ghanaian immigrant community

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By Anima Adjepong / @amankrado “Is this one of your daughter’s friends?” I overheard a woman I did not know ask in a language I only vaguely understand. To the woman’s relief, her interlocutor, let’s call her Auntie Ama, responded no. “Good, because we do not want her kind here,” she said. This exchange was […]
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Article publié dans Emergence. Télécharger ici. Par SapphoOccult 0          Les cris s’élèvent, interrompant le tambour de pas le long des couloirs. 2 paires d’yeux fixent le sol, se remplissant de larmes tout comme rêves et espoirs occuperaient un être à fleur de l’âge. Des yeux s’élèvent dans le vide, ignorants, tintés d’une innocence intacte.   […]
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A Bad Habit

By Chykychy That’s what I’m calling it now. Nothing but a bad habit. I subconsciously slap my wrist and harshly whisper to myself, “Why won’t you just stop it Brenda!” I did this in the same way a mother would to her naughty little son after she caught him sneaking a lick from the sugar […]
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