HOLAA Loves: Beneath The Same Silence- A performance piece on intimate partner violence in a queer woman’s relationship

Beneath The Same Silence, Drama For Life, SexActually, QueeringTheCloak
Can a woman really abuse another woman? Can’t you just…fight it out? Intimate partner violence is not something many imagine happens in same-sex relationships but it does. Beneath the Same Silence explores this dark hidden realm by taking you on the emotional journey of a woman in an abusive relationship. The performance ‘queers the cloak’ […]
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في ظل غياب المساءلة (In the absence of accountability)

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For the English please click here. Translation by Sahrwardy لقد اعتقدت أن العلاقات التي تربطنا كانت أكثر من صداقة، ولم أفكر حقًا في الصداقات التي شكّلناها بأنها الشيء الذي جمعنا معًا، بل بصفتها نتيجة اجتماعنا معًا بسبب قيمنا، واعتقاداتنا القوية في عقيدتنا النسوية واللانمطية الجنسية الجذرية (الكويرية الراديكالية)، وعقيدتنا أن أجسادنا ملكنا، وأننا نستحق أن نشعر […]
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#QueeringTheCloak: An Explanation of The Project

Siphumeze Khundayi, Ithongo Musings, Queer, QWOC, same sex abuse, #QueeringTheCloak
There is a resounding silence around abuse within the queer community. With issues of the community being small, more ‘pressing’ socio-political issues such as the illegality of same sex practices, homophobic violence and rife discrimination in work spaces, school and other places, this issue is given little, if any, conceptual space and attention. Often it […]
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