For the timid one

By Anon This one is for the timid girl, the naïve child. It is for the me of last year. The girl who was quick to say, “I don’t trust anyone” but still blindly gave her trust away like free hand-outs. The girl who got a stinging notice that the community she thought was hers […]
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Queer: Irie for the Straight Gyal

By Sibongile Oageng K For most of my Life, Queerness was never a concept I associated with myself. It was always something with which I was familiar, yet comfortably detached. I was an ally, safely fighting from behind the wings but never on the brightly lit stage for everyone to see. This way, I wasn’t personally […]
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Une lettre à mon identité Queer

Très Chère[1] Moi, Je crois qu’il est grand temps de l’admettre : ces trois derniers mois ont été pour toi mouvementés et assez intenses en émotion, et ceci à cause de mes diverses expériences. « Mouvementés » décrit en effet parfaitement ces trois derniers mois. Des fous rires par-ci, des moments de joie par-là, mais surtout, de la […]
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Oblivious Jin

By Dziva Jin was holed up in his room with a plastic cup filled with brandy, trying to remember where it was exactly he’d made the decisive move that had lost him his stellar ranking on his newest favourite online game and along with it, half of his hard earned inventory. A series of loud […]
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