Should the transgender community be exempt from practicing consent?

Beneath The Same Silence, Drama For Life, SexActually, QueeringTheCloak
By Kylie Kiunguyu  Trigger Warning: physical violence (Editor’s Note: As HOLAA! we are sensitive to a diversity of opinions but also understand how something like this can be triggering. This is a very delicate topic and we invite responses in the comments or in article form. This post is a reblog.) Consent is the basis for […]
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Confessions d’une demisexuelle

Confessions d’une demisexuelle en Anglais Par Aimee’  Demisexuelle : Une personne qui ne ressent de l’attirance sexuelle envers une autre personne qu’après avoir formé un lien émotionnel avec cette dernière, souvent dans le cadre d’une relation amoureuse. Confession #1 : Il m’est quasi impossible d’avoir de légitimes conversations sur les relations amoureuses et le sexe […]
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#QueeringTheCloak: An Explanation of The Project

Siphumeze Khundayi, Ithongo Musings, Queer, QWOC, same sex abuse, #QueeringTheCloak
There is a resounding silence around abuse within the queer community. With issues of the community being small, more ‘pressing’ socio-political issues such as the illegality of same sex practices, homophobic violence and rife discrimination in work spaces, school and other places, this issue is given little, if any, conceptual space and attention. Often it […]
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