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Call for Submissions: Erotica Anthology by African Queer Women - HOLAAfrica!

Call for Submissions: Erotica Anthology by African Queer Women

Erotica is a real thing, sexual sensual writing that makes you squirm in your seat; scenes that turn a cold lonely night into something steamy; maybe something to keep you company and give you that secret smile whilst waiting for a friend in a restaurant.

Mostly we want things that will turn people on. A lot. No pressure. A little something like this, or this.

We know writing a sex scene is hard so here is an article with some tips.

This is a call for submission to Dark Juices and Aphrodisiacs: An Erotic Anthology.

The anthology will be available online to download. There will also be hard copies available. And if your piece is selected to be part of the anthology you shall be paid $100 for your service to sexiness.

To submit email:

Dark Juices & Afrodisiacs – An Anthology of African queer erotica 

“I had a feeling that Pandora’s box contained the mysteries of woman’s sensuality… The language of sex had yet to be invented. The language of the senses was yet to be explored.”

Anaïs NinDelta of Venus

Ever had a sexual fantasy? Ever had something make you so hot under the collar you just had to write about it? Something that had you dripping wet? We want stories about sex, pleasure and coming. We want stories about desire. We want stories about when sex happened and sex did not happen. We want stories of African women experiencing pleasure with other women.

We recognise that sexuality is a complex and wide space, it is not possible to present all forms of representation in one place. For this edition, as women who have sex with women, we recognise that there are not many erotica stories written by women for women on the African continent. We hoped to use this as an opportunity to invite women to write their fantasies, their experiences, they wildest dreams. This is about sexual freedom and imagination and expression.

We are creating an anthology we seek to call Dark Juices & Afrodisiacs for African queer women to contribute erotica.

  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Photo essays

Contributors will receive an honorarium of $100 for submissions that appear in this anthology, as well as a copy of the awesomely sensually sexy final product.

Deadline: 15 August 2017


The stories should be:

  • English (British spelling)
  • Word and phrases in other languages encouraged
  • Anything up to 4000 words
  • Written by African queer women
  • Have some sex or imply sexual pleasure between two women
  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • An original work
  • Author can submit as many stories as they want
  • Author can submit under any name they want

Please send the submissions double spaced in Times New Roman, 12 point black font in a word document (.doc. rtf or .docx, NO PDFS).

Email submissions to:

Telling your own story is important. To submit to HOLAA and have your voice on the site email To reach out to us and get more information please email This is the stuff produced within the HOLAA! camp.
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    2nd June 2017 - 7:07 am

    When is the deadline for submitions?

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      2nd June 2017 - 9:02 am

      The deadline is the 15th of August 2017.

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    11th June 2017 - 7:40 am

    Submissions only by women? *winces*

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      15th June 2017 - 6:33 am

      And Gendernon conforming persons. But we are trying in this case to make a concentrated effort to create a space and body of work that really isn’t there.

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