Cancelling Soweto Pride: A move to stamp out gathering and protest?

SOWETO PRIDE is a political project initiated by FEW in 2004 with the aim of creating and entrenching a political and social space for black lesbian women – together with the broader lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community – to celebrate sexuality and humanity within the communities LGBTI people inhabit, and yet within which […]
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Confessions of a sub

By Tshegofatso Senne So a little over two years ago I discovered BDSM. Ha. I had spent years contemplating that little corner of my mind that was always curious about these white women in spandex and leather who wielded crops and whips and had men tied up on the walls of a dark dungeon. I […]
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In The Zone

By Zamangwane Kanyile In the zone we dart around each other like toddlers whose legs are still learning to balance their weight We move around wide eyed wondering who will let out first. When the rain hits your skin melting you down with it You’ve become a lifeless leaf As it lands on the ground you […]
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Bodies are Diverse. Deal with it.

By RobotMonkeyA++ One of my oldest friends is pregnant at the moment and it is so amazing to notice how one of the very first things people still ask is “Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Every single movie I’ve ever seen featuring a birth has the doctor, the midwife, the […]
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HOLAA Loves: Eating that ass like groceries- a podcast on dining below the belt with Black Women Be Like and Guest

What to do when you partner does not give head back? Should you keep some wet wipes by the bed? What are some good tips and tricks for giving head? Why does someone keep mentioning the finger in the butt? Check this podcast out to find out the answer to these and other random questions […]
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