This is a piece from our publication called Emergence download it  here. By SapphoOccult 0  Cries ring out, interrupting the humdrum of feet scuttling up and down the corridors. 2 sets of eyes stare down, tears well up within them as hopes and dreams, still in their infancy, manifest themselves within. 1  set look up blank and […]
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If the World were Colour-Blind

This is a piece from our publication called Emergence download it  here. By Amanda Hodgeson “#ForBlackGirlsOnly, is a pro-Black, pro-women feminist space for Black women ONLY. #ForBlackGirlsOnly is deliberately and unapologetically committed to the upliftment of Black women. This space is for support, creativity, healing, love, tending to wounds, learning, unlearning, interrogating, mourning, and celebrating […]
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Fighting the Myth of Lesbian Bed Death

Lesbian bed death- (n.) when sexual relations between a lesbian couple have virtually ceased, yet the companionship remains. Lesbian Bed Death a.k.a LBD. We have all heard about it. How it affects all couples. How it is going to be the end of that crazy sexy passion. How its coming for our…coming. It is something […]
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Of Giants among Men

By MampuruLebo Some of us are giants living under pitiful shades We are amused by being safe; half skin in the sun and half shaded by our fears We run nervously from the big dreams that would stand too wide above our heads Lest there be no room for the dreams that come back home […]
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