Getting Bi.

By Tshegofatso I guess I’ve always identified as Bisexual. Before I even knew that such a label existed I was attracted to both boys and girls and it wasn’t an issue for me. In my eyes I liked who I liked and I felt no need to tell anyone or to explain it. The first sign that […]
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Crushed cans and broken glasses

By Lickle They stop and stare I hear their “silent whispers” They say I’m a disgrace to society They say I’m fast tracking my way to hell. Fake friends keep their distance afraid I might derail them from their straightness They don’t understand how a woman can love another woman They don’t understand how my […]
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She has me engaged

By Duchess Rita She makes me feel like am no dominant at all, her beautiful lazy eyes   She dominates my mind in ways only my body can imagine, I crave her like a shot of fine whiskey, I want her on top.   I can’t match her prowess I can’t fight to be on […]
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#AfroQueerIsMe Phone Photography Workshop

We recently held a phone photography workshop with Queer women in Johannesburg. They learnt the basics of phone photography and then produced images of each other for exhibition. Thank you so much to The Other Foundation for sponsoring this and a big thank you to the queer women who showed up and got creative with […]
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