Listen: Behaving badly: Black Feminist love in action read by Amanda Hodgeson (Podcast)

‘The Black Feminist movement means absolutely everything to me. It has given me the tools with which I am able to look at and critique the world, to be able to do something to change the world. It has given me a group of Women who have loved me and held me, who have angered me and challenged me. Most importantly, for the purposes of this reflection, it has given me a set of principles and values with which I live, love and exist by. And it is these principles and values that I try to uphold in my relationships with others, with Black Women in particular.’

We got the incredible Amanda Hodge to read here piece Behaving Badly: Black Feminist Love In Action check out the full piece here. Also here are our podcasts.

Anything and everything I do comes from a place of blackness, queerness, feminism and most importantly love :) All round badass and lover of words, written and read. Check out Amanda on IG: manda_hodge
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