MaThoko Postbox

MaThokopostbox is a space created for Black South African Queers to hold their experiences. It is a digital continuation of the safe…


X is a non-binary, multidisciplinary artist developing skills in audio-visual and literary mediums.


MremboSafi is a dynamic social scientist, rebellious conceptual artist and Afrifem genderqueer editorialist currently based in the capital city of Kenya. They…

My Papaya Blog

Papaya is a a sex positive blog run out of Egypt.

Nyar Afrika

"Wanna get naked with me sometime? " Is my commonly used, super lame pick up line. Catch me on Facebook: Afrika, Twitter:…

Sonia Audi

Queer, genderfluid lover of words and all things feministing. Sonia Audi writes to find salvation. IG @queerdddo

Queen Nzinga

A multi-dimensional light being having a very human experience. Welcome to the corridors of my mind. Connect with me: HelloQueenNzinga@gmail,com

The Wildness

A podcast by two African Girls just trying to get through life. This podcast tackles everything from keeping the sex spicy to…