QUEERING LOVE PART II: Love in the time of patriarchy

By Bel South Fight the patriarchy! (In your own home) Fighting the patriarchy, the straight-thinking upward mobility-obsessed power-hungry patriarchy, is a mission.   There are so many ripe examples at hand: The Big-bullied Penis-swinging Trump-Zuma’s of the world, violently and deafeningly taking up valuable resources, mind-space and heart-space; The Patronising Boss, who, on a daily […]
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Staying in the closet as self care

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By MaThoko To a younger me – “Don’t come out, if you don’t want to” Coming out – the act of announcing, publicising/disclosing or declaring your sexuality has been a staple of LGBTI activism and advocacy since the 1970s. Promoted by the Gay Liberation Front – a collective of gay groups – coming out was utilised as a […]
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Une Pride Africaine ?

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Une Pride Africaine ? en Anglais Le mois de Juin était le mois de la Pride LGBTIQ+ (aussi appelée fierté LGBT), un moment particulier pendant lequel le drapeau arc-en-ciel est brandi et les membres de la communauté LGBTIQ+ et leurs alliés paradent dans les rues pour célébrer les diversités sexuelles. Pour beaucoup, la Pride équivaut à […]
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A Bad Habit

By Chykychy That’s what I’m calling it now. Nothing but a bad habit. I subconsciously slap my wrist and harshly whisper to myself, “Why won’t you just stop it Brenda!” I did this in the same way a mother would to her naughty little son after she caught him sneaking a lick from the sugar […]
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5 Mental health podcasts by therapists of color : Repost from Redefine Enough

There’s no denying that mental health is highly stigmatized in communities of color. Thankfully, stigma hasn’t stopped these therapists from spreading awareness through their mental health podcasts. Check out 5 dope podcasts by therapists of color. A Different Perspective HOSTED BY DR. AMBER THORNTON Therapy For Black Girls HOSTED BY DR. JOY HARDEN BRADFORD You […]
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