Can we imagine an African Pride?

HOLAA, IDAHOT, LGBT Africa, Lesotho
By Kagure June was LGBTIQ+ Pride Month, a time when the rainbow peace flag is flown and members of the LGBTIQ+ community and their allies come out to walk the streets in celebration of the diversity of sexuality. For many people, when they think of Pride, they think of parades, parties and men in assless chaps. In […]
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Q-zine’s Issue on African Visual Arts: Call for Contributions

Deadline for Submissions: September 10, 2017 The African arts scene is surging! Artists on the continent and the diaspora, new and established, insiders and outsiders, are reinvigorating and extending Africa’s diverse visual  practices with new languages, new images, and new media, creating expressive, authentic work that speaks in powerful and nuanced ways to the African […]
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