#QueeringTheCloak: An Explanation of The Project

Siphumeze Khundayi, Ithongo Musings, Queer, QWOC, same sex abuse, #QueeringTheCloak
There is a resounding silence around abuse within the queer community. With issues of the community being small, more ‘pressing’ socio-political issues such as the illegality of same sex practices, homophobic violence and rife discrimination in work spaces, school and other places, this issue is given little, if any, conceptual space and attention. Often it […]
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Show Stopper (Poetry)

By yllw.sunflwer It’s not the way she feels on my skin when she approaches me And it definitely isn’t the way she rolls the letters of my name on her tongue. It’s the way she makes her entrance Because you don’t just come here and arrive You grace us with your presence. It is the way […]
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Article publié dans Emergence. Télécharger ici. Par SapphoOccult 0          Les cris s’élèvent, interrompant le tambour de pas le long des couloirs. 2 paires d’yeux fixent le sol, se remplissant de larmes tout comme rêves et espoirs occuperaient un être à fleur de l’âge. Des yeux s’élèvent dans le vide, ignorants, tintés d’une innocence intacte.   […]
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