Unfaded Memories

  By Lara Gemini Poet I saw your shadow downstairs and it waved good morning as my soul still fails to wave goodbye. It stood there, leaning against the same wall I had you on when we kissed to christen our new home. You said my lips were crusty and made me a cheese sandwich […]
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That ill fated night

By Abimbola This is a remembrance of an ill-fated night; a night of humiliation at the cold hands of law enforcement agents, a night never to be relived, a night of fear and abuse. My girlfriend and I had an argument a week before that night. She had called me up earlier and insisted we […]
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An Indian Holiday

By Tosin Otitoju I am starting to like it in India.  The local girls seem to have not a care in the world.  They skip-skip-skip in the shade of a tree.  They talk, with a lot of moving of hands and hips and eyes.  Now they are laughing.  I notice this girl.  Her stomach is […]
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