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A Story Of Love - HOLAAfrica!

A Story Of Love

By Waruiru/ @waruish

It has been 5 days, 4 nights, 7 hours and 27 no, 28 minutes since I really looked at you.

With every BBM and every WhatsApp message the excitement grows more and more. I cannot wait to taste your lips, to look into your eyes through your crooked glasses, to hug you so tight you scream; to be with you.

And here you lay beside me. Your naked body so warm. Breathing heavily, snoring; my Little Tractor.

I have never been happier.

This is a story of love.

I looked for you beside me and you were gone.

She’s around here somewhere, let me give her a minute. 10 minutes later I still can’t see you. The beer doesn’t taste so good anymore, this cigarette can also wait.

I know I heard you laugh but right now I can’t hear a thing.

I cannot see you. Are you in the bathroom? Could you have left the bar? Could you have passed out? Panic!

I walk to the counter of the bar. There are so many people. Flirting. Exchanging numbers. Body shots. Giggles.

Finally, I can smell you. I know you’re here. And there I find you…

Eyes closed, arms wrapped around a neck. Kissing.

This is a story of pain.

Everything turns white. Calm. Then red.  Rage. Then I see your eyes looking right at me. Tears.

This is a story of love.

This is a story of pain.

This is a story of the woman who broke my heart.

Every day I think of her. I love her completely. So intensely.

There are times when I could have murdered her but I loved her even then.

I cannot remember my life before her.

It has been 1 year, 11 months, 7 days since I really looked at you.

Every day is unbearable.

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