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A body as a literal offering (short story) 1

By ‘The Taken’ There’s a draught in the room. Then again everywhere is slightly draughty when all you have on is a robe. You know those cute ones that make you feel adorable and sexual. Like a sexy teddy bear, or…something. My mind isn’t working very well because I am completely overwhelmed by the feeling […]

On the Road (Short Story) 2

This is a piece from our publication called Emergence download it  here. By Jennifer S Ayebazibwe It is safe to say that Neo lived in her head. She owned a library in a small town in Limpopo and spent most of her days with her nose in a book. She loved political non-fiction and enjoyed […]

Daughters Who Become Lovers (Short story) 3

by Jennifer Emelife The duvet swells over his body.  He shivers, despite its warmth, and coughs so hard the hairs on his chin rise and fall. Air oozes out of the air-conditioner, spreads above him like a tent then collapses on his broad chest. ‘Achoo!’ His arms fold behind him supporting a pillow under his […]

Nyelethi (short story) 4

*Trigger warning: abelist language by NYAR Afrika “Are you okay?” I ask her as I gently kiss her neck. “mmh” she mumbles, her mind seemingly far away. “You are thinking of your husband again.” She goes unnaturally still in my arms. “No” she blatantly lies. “I am thinking about us.” That surprises me. She never […]

Homosexuality is “unAfrican” in pre-colonial history (Essay) 5

By Cosmic Yoruba Such a thing did not exist in the African jungle…or not When I read a paper by an African researcher that insinuates that Africans learnt homosexuality from Europeans (and/or Arabs), I do not go to my happy place where only thoughts of first love and first kisses rule. Rather I think about […]

HOLAA Loves: Proudly Malawian (Anthology of malawian queer women’s stories) 6

By HOLAA ed A book full of the stories of Malawaian lesbian and gender non-conforming individuals. What could be better than that? The anthology has been described as: ‘a  ground-breaking collection brings together the life stories of eleven lesbian, bisexual and gender-nonconforming Malawians. Told in the contributors’ own words, these powerful narratives shed light on a […]

Herstory 7

By Sibongile Oageng K I was once told I’d never find a man to marry me. Apparently, I am too stubborn and feisty, too proud and opinionated or too loud and liberated. Initially, it didn’t bother me. I was like, “it’s fine, I don’t mind. I’m independent”. But then I started thinking about it and the […]

A very not nice story 8

By Nomaliqhwa/ @nomalili *Trigger warning: Sexual assault,self harm Today I got to talk about the one night where something really awful happened to me. And I really am making it seem light by using words like ‘really awful’ but I talked a mouthful about it for the last four months and I think maybe for a […]

Is there a growing porn production scene in Nigeria? 9

By Cosmic Yoruba  The porn culture in Nigeria is growing: Nigerians are said to consume the most porn online, surpassing the United States. Now, a small number of Nigerian producers are creating a home-grown industry by making and sharing sexually explicit content online. Three years ago, when Nigerian actress Afrocandy released her sexually explicit film Destructive Instinct, […]

Half Truths 10

By Haki …Fear She is afraid of being judged. She wants to confront the riots of feeling taking place within her. She wants to un-wall her heart and set free the betrayal and disgust she felt.  She is a puddle of a person now. Still, she floats in her fear by the grace of the […]