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Closet musings (poetry) 1

I am an African, and gay as fuck I’m a gay baby who wants to grow gay wings and fly Instead I live in fear And it paralyses me It holds me down with a firm grip And threatens to choke me Sometimes I even dream about telling my ma “Hey ma, I’m gay!” [insert […]

My valued sidekick (poetry) 2

By Joyline Maenzanise You constantly prove yourself to be a valued sidekick. Our relationship is an opiate I have no desire to kick. Even if some, for varied reasons, may view it as adulterated or sick. When I could do with some sexual healing And the blood in my veins is seething. When I am […]

Poetry, Letters to Cinnamon and the Beautiful Flasher 3

I have been procrastinating since the beginning of this year about buying Letters to Cinnamon (A gorgeous book of poetry by Siza Phohleli aka IG: her_mentality). I must have said a thousand times that I want to buy it but I provided no answers for why I hadn’t. Eventually I confessed that I hadn’t bought […]

Show Stopper (Poetry) 5

By yllw.sunflwer It’s not the way she feels on my skin when she approaches me And it definitely isn’t the way she rolls the letters of my name on her tongue. It’s the way she makes her entrance Because you don’t just come here and arrive You grace us with your presence. It is the way […]

DayBreak (poetry) 6

By Joyfrida Anindo As the day draws to an end, I feel the air become dense, The dark brings with it shadows on my walls, Sometimes they change shapes, Sometimes they speak to me, I have learned to block their whispers out, But sometimes I get curious, Especially when my day was grey, I must […]

Of Giants among Men (Poetry) 7

By MampuruLebo Some of us are giants living under pitiful shades We are amused by being safe; half skin in the sun and half shaded by our fears We run nervously from the big dreams that would stand too wide above our heads Lest there be no room for the dreams that come back home […]

Untitled (Inspired by Alice Walker’s ‘I said to Poetry’) 8

By Ludo Chalashika An hour past the sunrise and I decided, mind woke, to freeze time, Eyes still shut and a whisper says, “Do you want to live today?”   Thirty minutes past the hour and poetry wanted to whisper me out of bed, again. I whine, “last night you interrupted my sleep”, again.   “Write, […]

Wallflower (poetry) 9

By Ludo Chalashika You are flower, and I will surely die in marvel of your magnificence. The seas bow down, stilled, when sanctified by your presence. When shaken and raged into tidal waves by Mother Nature’s inconsistencies, I am stilled, still, within such restlessness. Silence is maintained in honour of your solitude. Unseen by many while […]

In The Zone (poetry) 10

By Zamangwane Kanyile In the zone we dart around each other like toddlers whose legs are still learning to balance their weight We move around wide eyed wondering who will let out first. When the rain hits your skin melting you down with it You’ve become a lifeless leaf As it lands on the ground you […]