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Show Stopper (Poetry) 1

By yllw.sunflwer It’s not the way she feels on my skin when she approaches me And it definitely isn’t the way she rolls the letters of my name on her tongue. It’s the way she makes her entrance Because you don’t just come here and arrive You grace us with your presence. It is the way […]

Untitled (Inspired by Alice Walker’s ‘I said to Poetry’) 2

By Ludo Chalashika An hour past the sunrise and I decided, mind woke, to freeze time, Eyes still shut and a whisper says, “Do you want to live today?”   Thirty minutes past the hour and poetry wanted to whisper me out of bed, again. I whine, “last night you interrupted my sleep”, again.   “Write, […]

VeNuS (poetry) 3

By Immah I apologize, deeply sincerely apologize. For all that I haven’t told you or reminded you. Lets take it from the top …better yet from below. I kiss the gods rings for your feet, how you used them to rub my frozen ones on a cold night. To get me that calm and sleep […]

For Kofee, with love, Karamel 4

By Karamel The itch to tap the blue icon gets stronger  by the minute. its the only way to know what she is thinking. Her tweets have been laced with cryptic messages – so darn confusing. Is it me she speaks of? Or another? Was it vanity making my fingers twitchy? Or the urge to […]

A Meal 5

By Baby Dyke “You are not eating.” It had been her idea to come to this place, I would have settled for a decent burger and some wine. Furthermore, with the plans I had in mind, it would have been better if we were home. She cleared her throat, licked her lips and a pang […]

Tastes of a continent- when four women meet 6

By Kagure The Saturday afternoon catch up session led to Saturday night wine and leftovers affair.  I hadn’t seen Wambui since our second year at university when our university had told her she was not quite academically welcome anymore. Since then she had moved to the United Kingdom and we had since lost touch. She […]

Take a peek- the pull of watching others have sex 7

By Anonymous Voyeurism (n.) the practice of obtaining sexual gratification by looking at sexual objects of acts, especially secretively. Being a grown up means you learn things about the world and over the last few years I have learned a few things I am (and am not) into. I have always been into cream, whipped and […]

Small Truths 8

By Eyebags and Melanin I have stayed with myself longer than I have with anyone else. Longer than I have stayed with my good poetry, with my friends. Longer than I have stayed with my many loves and family. But some things have stayed longer than others. They stuck to me. No one warned me […]

Shani: Moving on and moving in 9

By Anonymous Kenyan Tuesday 23rd August I was having a breakfast with aunt Wacuka and Tamara. My two large suitcases were at the door and Shani would be picking me up in about half an hour. I was in a pretty good mood and my aunt could tell. Aunt Wacuka was still inquiring about this […]

Do you want to lick me Pt II: Eba and Jollof 10

By Nana Darkoa  [I liked Nnenna’s story ‘Do you wanna lick me‘ and when I asked her for a part 2 she asked me to write, and so I did.] We were like eba and jollof, Olive and I. I remember when I first saw her in church. She sat next to a woman who […]