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5 Mental health podcasts by therapists of color : Repost from Redefine Enough 1

There’s no denying that mental health is highly stigmatized in communities of color. Thankfully, stigma hasn’t stopped these therapists from spreading awareness through their mental health podcasts. Check out 5 dope podcasts by therapists of color. A Different Perspective HOSTED BY DR. AMBER THORNTON Therapy For Black Girls HOSTED BY DR. JOY HARDEN BRADFORD You […]

HOLAA Loves: Speaking on sex and mental health with Thabile (Podcast) 3

We sat down with one of our loves and spoke about the effect that mental health can have on your sex life. From the need to speak about it to the fact that sometimes a manic episode can show its self in risky sexual behavior, this podcast got emotional, it was sometimes a lot, but […]

Lwantale Kalemera on the Guys We F**ked (Podcast) 6

We love Guys We F**ked – which is an anti-slut shaming podcast- and it was  so incredible when one of our HOLAArites reached out to us  saying they had been on the podcast and asked us to host it! Lwantale Kalemera, who is from the Bay Area in San Francisco, California (but her family is originally from […]

HOLAA Loves: The Spread Podcast, the sexy podcast you need to know about 7

When women talk about sex one can’t help but stop and listen. The rise of women speaking about sex is something many, including  the internet, cannot ignore and African women are not lagging far behind. From platforms hosting stories about bad sex, and ‘entering through the back door’ to podcasts discussing faking orgasms; women on […]

Brilliant Resurrection (Podcast) 9

Sometimes we think hearing someone read things is awesome, so we asked someone to read this post in their beautiful beautiful voice. We like things raw we like things uncut. ‘You smiled shyly and asked if I wanted to hug. I did even though I hate hugs. I absolutely wanted to hug you. You smelled […]

HOLAA Loves: Chatting Masturbation with Black Women Be Like (Podcast) 10

Women really do love sex, and sometimes not always with a partner. Sometimes the solo kitty stroke is the absolute best thing. We chatted about ways women do it why women do it and all things in between. Check out this podcast and the one before that was on faking orgasms. Continuing those coochie conversations with […]