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HOLAA! in 2017: A walk down memory lane 3

This year has been absolutely wild for us and we have had the honour of doing so  many things with so many people. Obviously we have been telling you about all the things but thought we would put it in one post so we can do a tiny trip down memory lane ICYMI. Here are […]

Poetry, Letters to Cinnamon and the Beautiful Flasher 4

By Amanda Hodgeson I have been procrastinating since the beginning of this year about buying Letters to Cinnamon (A gorgeous book of poetry by Siza Phohleli aka IG: her_mentality). I must have said a thousand times that I want to buy it but I provided no answers for why I hadn’t. Eventually I confessed that […]

I love you, but how much of that is actually about you? 5

By Amanda Hodgeson It’s Sunday afternoon, I have a meeting in 45 minutes and I am supposed to be completing a take home exam. But like I said, Its Sunday and I just want to browse social media and read interesting articles from the Guardian. Sooo, I did just that, well the social media part. […]

It started with a Facebook message: A Tale of Lust in London 6

This is a gorgeous throwback from Nana Darkoa It all started when she sent me a Facebook message. “Hey, I’m a big fan of your writing and I realized we went to the same college so wanted to reach out and say Hi”. I can’t remember what I said in response but I confirmed her […]

‘I wish I didn’t care’: On body shaming and trying to be body positive 7

by Amanda Hodgeson I have so many other things I should be writing… essays, assignments, reports, and and and… But anyway, at least I am writing something ne Christmas 2016 was nightmarish for me. Short, but fucking traumatic. I, like most black women, have a number of family members who think commenting on your weight […]

If the World were Colour-Blind 8

This is a piece from our publication called Emergence download it  here. By Amanda Hodgeson “#ForBlackGirlsOnly, is a pro-Black, pro-women feminist space for Black women ONLY. #ForBlackGirlsOnly is deliberately and unapologetically committed to the upliftment of Black women. This space is for support, creativity, healing, love, tending to wounds, learning, unlearning, interrogating, mourning, and celebrating […]

One Man’s Trash: Looking back at relationships with exes 9

By Amanda Hodgeson/ @Manda_Hodge I am always in awe and a little bit envious, if I am honest, of the relationship my partner has with her ex’s. They still speak and maintain some sort of a relationship. There is no hate, no loathing, no love lost. And I admire that so much, to accept the […]

‘Africans do not need therapy, we have Jesus.’ 10

By Kagure Mugo ‘White people have therapists and Black people have Jesus.’ This is how the conversation seems to go when the issue of mental health comes up. When one begins to broach the subject of having depression you are told to start smiling ‘or we will get the Pastor to come and pray for […]