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Almost deaths: On depression, dark times and finding the light 1

By Wanelisa Xaba *Trigger warning: sexual abuse, abortion* When I was one day old, I almost died. You see, I was born three months too early, and had complications with my lungs so I needed an operation. I still have a huge hole under my left boob to prove it. The problem is that on […]

Bright glimpse 2

By Nomaliqhwa/ @nomalili They changed my medication and I’m really happy about that because it’s important that I feel that my medication is helping. It is important that I place a certain amount of faith in my medication working. That it works out. So I feel good today. Really good. And I realise that the reason […]

Detour 3

By Nomaliqhwa/ @nomalili I’m here again in the space. A space I don’t want to be in and yet has somewhat become me. I’m depressed. Not the ‘I’m copping and I’m fine and I will be okay’ kind of depressed but more the ‘I hardly eat or sleep or talk and  I swear at my parents […]

Around, Because and For My Mother pt II: My Mother, My Warrior 4

By Nomaliqhwa/ @nomalili To read part I click here Trigger warning: suicide, sexual assault. My mother was and remains a person. A soft kind person, hardened by this process of watching her children grow into (not so well adjusted) adults despite the hardship she had to endure playing the role of “evil mother”. Surely her effort […]

Around, Because and For My Mother pt I 5

By Nomaliqhwa/ @nomalili I think that I was taught to dislike my mother at a very young age and without question I accepted it. I would compete with my mother for my father and my brother’s attention, to be the ‘female voice of reason’ in the house. Because she would travel and work until late hours […]

A very not nice story 6

By Nomaliqhwa/ @nomalili *Trigger warning: Sexual assault,self harm Today I got to talk about the one night where something really awful happened to me. And I really am making it seem light by using words like ‘really awful’ but I talked a mouthful about it for the last four months and I think maybe for a […]

It Never Ends 9

By Milian Miles Every day starts out as a very dark, ugly, gloomy one. While many people wake up from nightmares, I wake up into mine. I am living in a society where mental illness is seemingly becoming a fad. It is now cool to be OCD, to be bipolar, to experience depression. However, not […]