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#QueeringTheCloak: An Explanation of The Project 1

There is a resounding silence around abuse within the queer community. With issues of the community being small, more ‘pressing’ socio-political issues such as the illegality of same sex practices, homophobic violence and rife discrimination in work spaces, school and other places, this issue is given little, if any, conceptual space and attention. Often it […]

In the Absence of Accountability: A queer woman’s rape in feminist spaces 3

By SuperNova Trigger warning: Sexual assault I imagined that what tied us together was more than just friendship. I didn’t really think of the friendships we forged as what brought us together, but rather an outcome of us coming together because of our values, our strong beliefs in a radical queer and feminist ideology. An ideology […]

‘At least she did not hit me’ 5

By Ekuba *Trigger Warning: physical and emotional abuse* It’s Easter Sunday and I’m not nestled into my partner’s chest or dreaming of chocolate covered Easter eggs. I am pounding the streets of Toronto in the cold, searching for any place that is open at this ungodly hour. Then my emotional-eater self enters a diner and […]

How to support someone you care about who is in an abusive relationship 6

A few of us have been here before, either in abusive relationships or as friends bearing witness to our closest people enduring abusive relationships. Or we’ve experienced both. Either way, it is an emotionally challenging space to be in. If you’re a friend or loved one to someone in an abusive relationship, you may feel […]

What happens when you miss your abuser? 7

By MaThoko The first time I told someone I missed someone who had gaslighted me (gas lighting: a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual), the sentiment was pulled me into a dark hole of guilt and shame. I told them: I don’t understand this feeling, how can […]

Why are we silent about lesbian rape? 8

By Hejin Trigger warning: sexual assault, rape We think about sexual violence not only in a very binary way. In a very one-directional way: men commit it, women suffer it. However, looking back this just doesn’t add up. I look upon my life, and I think about the sexual violence I have endured, and it […]