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By Chediac Higashi Wanja walked quickly, the stones on the road poking her through her thin-soled shoes. The air was merely cool but because of the pace at which she walked it became cold against her skin, nipping at her nose and cheeks. Despite this, Wanja was sweating. Her armpits were moist and itchy, this was […]
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Sur l’importance de parler du viol au sein des communautés lesbiennes

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Par NYAR Afrika For the english version click here Serait-ce la goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase ? Que feriez-vous si elle disait non ? Cela fait maintenant des jours que vous vous y préparez ; textos coquins, avances subtiles çà et là… Vient enfin l’heure de passer à l’action. Vous commencez à l’embrasser, la caressez et soudainement,… […]
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Is there a growing porn production scene in Nigeria?

By Cosmic Yoruba  The porn culture in Nigeria is growing: Nigerians are said to consume the most porn online, surpassing the United States. Now, a small number of Nigerian producers are creating a home-grown industry by making and sharing sexually explicit content online. Three years ago, when Nigerian actress Afrocandy released her sexually explicit film Destructive Instinct, […]
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بسلة من غير جزر (Peas without carrots)

Below is the English version تعرفي يعني إيه بظر؟ طب تعرفي مكانه؟ طب وظيفته؟ أسئلة تبان ساذجة، صح؟ تخيلي أن ستات كتير مننا متعرفش إجابة الأسئلة دي؟ بس إحنا كستات مقصرناش، المعلومات عن الجهاز التناسلي دايماً ناقصة من أيام حصة الأحياء في تالتة إعدادي. لكن مش هنستغرب لو في محادثة مع ست، وذُكر القضيب ولقينا […]
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